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Hexadecimal Code and RGB Color Values Explained (Simple)

What is Hexadecimal Code?

Hexadecimal code is a combination of digits and letters, according to the hexadecimal number system. This means that every number place can go from 0 to F, so in total 16 different numbers. When a value of a numbers place exceeds 9, letters are used. As shown in the table below:

Hexadecimal values ranging from 0 to F

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Benefits of learning Html

The programming landscape can seem very fragmented for someone who wants to get into programming. A lot of different languages are available, with each having its pros and cons. Experienced programmers advise getting started with the area of web development because of its relative ease. A crucial part of web development is understanding and applying html code.

While learning Html I noticed these points of benefit :

  • First of all, it is easy to learn. The building blocks of html code are tags. Every kind of tag has a clear meaning and purpose. The naming of the tags feels intuative. For example the tag <p> is used to indicate a paragraph. Which directly makes sense and is therefore easy to remember.
  • The second point is that it requires no investment besides time and effort. Different free text-based tutorials aswell as free video tutorials are availabe that explain every part of Html step by step. Besides the learning material being totally free, no software needs to be downloaded to start learning. The coding of html can be practiced using Notepad.
  • The third point is that by learning html a very basic understanding of how websites are built can be gained. This makes managing and customizing a website a lot easier. More important, a gerenal insight into how programming works and what is expected can be gained.

    Considering the points above we can conclude that learning html is a smart move for someone considering entering the field of programming. Html is easy to learn requires little investment and can be the first step towards understanding and writing programming code.