Client-Side Encryption Explained (Simple)

A concept that you see more often when the security of technology is mentioned, is client-side encryption. In this article we take a step-by-step and simple approach to explain what this concept means. First, we go through the meaning of a client and encryption. This makes understanding the concept behind client-side encryption easier. Lastly, we discuss end-to-end encryption, which is sometimes associated with client-side encryption.

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Hexadecimal Code and RGB Color Values Explained (Simple)

What is Hexadecimal Code?

Hexadecimal code is a combination of digits and letters, according to the hexadecimal number system. This means that every number place can go from 0 to F, so in total 16 different numbers. When a value of a numbers place exceeds 9, letters are used. As shown in the table below:

Hexadecimal values ranging from 0 to F

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