C#: A Quick Look

The C# language is a very popular programming language. It can be used to develop desktop applications, mobile applications, web applications and many other things. In this article I will give a quick overview of what C# is and what it can do.

What is C#?

C# is a high level programming language. This basially means that a lot of technical aspects have been made implicit, which means that the programmer doesn’t have to deal with them. The language has been designed to be more intuative and closer to natural human language. This aspect can be beneficial for beginner programmers, because you can focus more on all functionalities the program should have instead of being confused on different technical aspects en just getting the code to run correctly.

What can it do?

An important question in my opinion is: what can it do? The options with it are quite broad. You can write programs with it within different categories. For example you can write desktop applications, mobile applications and web applications. However, you have to go through a serious learning process before you can write something that comes close to a usefull program.

In the very early stage of learning it I found myself mostly trying out different console applications. Which are very simple lines of code executed in a simple black screen.

I was actually more interested in building something that I could realy use, something that looks more like a professional application. So later on I discovered Windows Forms. With it you can build several simple form applications. These are applications like a login screen, a contact form or even a whole notepad.

While trying out different things in Windows Forms I noticed the importance of knowing and understanding the basics of programming. While the components you add to the program you are designing are preconfigured, you still have to add severeal lines of code yourself.

Learning by doing

The best way of learning in my opinion is by trying out different projects, you can really apply the very abstract concepts and understand what they are meant to do. You also get used to the syntax of the language and might develop new ideas for future projects.

You can start by developing a simple stopwatch.

After that you can try to develop a simple notepad.